Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment

We are salon certified with the GK Hair Taming System. GK unique hair taming systems leaves the hair silky smooth and frizz free. Keratin is the protein that exists in young healthy hair. As we age the keratin in our hair breaks down and factors like every day styling, chemical treatments and poor health can diminish the luster and overall appearance of our hair. A keratin treatment can restore shine, remove frizz, and bring vitality back to the hair.

We can say with confidence our Keratin Treatment is not only completely healthy, but gives amazing results that can last up to four months

A hair cuticle lays in circular layers that overlap each other. When the hair is healthy these layers are compact and lay tightly together. When the hair is damaged, these cuticles become open and over time can break off creating large cracks in the hair shaft. This can create a weak spot in the hair shaft that can cause overall breakage.

A keratin treatment helps restore a damaged hair cuticle by filling in the holes and cracks in the hair shaft. A Keratin Treatment is also a healthy alternative to traditional chemical relaxers. Its incredible smoothing results help cut down on blow dry and styling time and also help lock in hair color. It may also be a solution for many hair issues. Whether you were born with curl and frizz or time and styling have made your hair dull and lifeless, this treatment can resolve many hair issues.


Unlike other well-known keratin companies, GK does NOT use animal by- products for their keratin. Animal by- products are the waste from dead animals from the meat processing industry

GK uses a product called ®Juvexin. Juvexin is specially developed with proteins and peptides that penetrate the hair shaft, delivering moisture and repairing the damaged portions of the hair. This type of healing protein has been used for years in the medical world, especially burn units, because of its skin healing benefits.

The Application& Care

The actual Keratin application is not complicated; it just involves some steps. First, we deep cleanse hair with a Pumpkin Spice shampoo. We then apply the product to the hair by combing it through and letting it set for 20-40 minutes. Then we blow dry and flatiron the hair with titanium flat irons. This crystallizes the product onto the hair, leaving a smooth glossy finish. With the popularity of this service, many salons are performing this service without proper certification and training, often using an inferior product. All of our stylists have received certification through the GK-hair company. GK-hair is a professional keratin product that is for salon use only.


It is very important to use specific shampoo and conditioner, and to avoid color services for two weeks. However, you may receive a color service before your keratin treatment on the same day. In fact, we recommend it because its seals in the color, making it shiny and longer lasting. This service generally takes 2-3 hours so please allow ample time in your day when booking