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Expert Hair Color Services

Nina’s Creations is a Master Hair Color salon. Our stylists are true color experts with the skill and training to achieve beautiful color for your lifestyle. From covering grey to specialized color like Balayage highlighting, we have the ability to choose the right look for your skin tone, cut and face shape. There are many things to consider when changing or maintaining a hair color. Certain color techniques are performed by certain stylists so like cutting, prices vary.

Highlights & Color

Whether your desired look is funky or natural, a professional colorist will take the time to evaluate your hair to determine what technique and application is best. Slicing, stitching, and American Balayage are all examples of highlighting methods using foil. All over color can be used to cover gray, deepen & enhance natural hair color, or be used to achieve modern looks through color blocking. Every color service is formulated and tailored to each client’s specific style and hair type. For specialty color work, prices will be quoted at the time of consultation.


Blonde Hair Color

One of largest requests from new color clients is a major color change from dark to blonde. Whether you desire platinum or natural looking blonde this can rarely be achieved in one standard 2-hour salon visit. Especially if your hair is dark or previously colored. The largest challenge we see as colorists is new client’s expectations of what can be achieved in a 3-hour appointment. Blonde is often achieved over multiple processes that can be spread out over a few visits or you may a reserve a colorist for a day or two to achieve your color safely. Nina and Kim are both master hair colorists and have been providing both excellent color services over 20 plus years as well as educating her staff and other area professionals.


New Client

We want to provide any new guest of the salon with the best experience possible, and give them all of the knowledge needed to get, keep, and maintain their new look. Please note that everyone’s time frame is going to be different, it all depends on the color desired, the length, texture, and fullness of hair. Please allow minimum of hour and thirty minutes for you first visit. If you would like to book additional services like a haircut or blow dry style, even more time will be needed. Beautiful hair color takes time, especially if your hair is naturally dark, long and/or thick. Please allow adequate time, up to hours, for a colorist to work on your hair. We have certain requirements when booking a 2-6 color appointment. With any new salon guest, we require a thorough consultation. We may do a color consultation complimentary up to 15 minutes. Please arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment to fill out a client information card. We do not book any new color clients after 5:00 pm. Once a color regimen has been created, and a clear color plan has been determined by your stylist, we may then book later appointments after your initial visit.

Please note: A style is not part of a color service, It’s a separate service. We only tousle dry the hair to view the color for accuracy.

If you have had a bad home color experience, or need a quick fix for color from another salon, often the best colorists who are able to do difficult corrective color, are also the same colorists who are the most difficult to get an appointment with on short notice.

We recommend that you come every 4 – 6 to get your color or highlights retouched. You have to stay on schedule to maintain a lighter shade. Sometimes, when a client gets off color schedule, the entire color has to be redone, which means it will cost more because it’s no longer considered a retouch. That is why we offer/ recommended that you rebook your next appointment before you leave, so we can send you a reminder. If we believe the service requires more time than scheduled or if you arrive more than 15 minutes late, we may ask you to return another day. If you don’t show or call to cancel your appointment, you will not be refunded your down payment of $50. All cancelations must be done 12 hours before your appointment to get your deposit back (unless you have an emergency).



Prices below are for standard color situations only. If you have previously colored hair, are need of corrective color or seeking ombre or ombre correction, these prices may not apply. All specialty color and multiple process colors are quoted before the service. It is difficult to quote these prices over the phone. To get the right price you must come in for a consolation, so your hair colorist can determine what can be done. If you are seeking an all over color with a highlight, and need a glaze or toning finish, that is considered a multiple process color. These are all individual color services to achieve an overall look, and will be priced accordingly. All color prices are based upon time, amount of product used, and expertise.


Blonde hair color is in demand. If you have had a bad color job at another salon, call us as soon as possible. You will be excited with our color work.

Balayage Hair Color

Foil is not used, the highlights look very natural and prevent the “grow out” line that can sometimes occur with more traditional highlighting methods. Blondes can achieve that gorgeous “Hollywood” blonde and brunettes may obtain the popular “ombre” and “saffron” look. They are perfect for the natural sun-kissed look, and compliment all over blonde color work.

We correct bad Ombre Color from other Salons

Most of our corrective color clients are new clients from other salons, where a stylist was not properly trained in this service and the results were disastrous. Even though this technique looks easy, there is exact mixing, texture, and placement.

We also use this method to achieve “bala-color” which is a truly unique color method where we combine low lights with special color that is thicker than the formula we use for regular color services. This provides the stylists with complete creative flexibility to give a client a one of a kind look. We are the only salon in Kansas City to perform this technically advanced color service.

Prices for Balayage vary between stylists and amount of time needed to obtain looks for hair length and texture.

If you have existing hair color on your hair, more than likely multiple visits (normally 2-3) or up to 6 hours will be necessary to achieve certain looks. Building blonde on dark hair is a PROCESS and requires more than one visit to the salon.

To make an appointment with one of our Balayage color experts, call today. Don’t trust your natural looking Balayage color to just any Ol’ stylists who has watched YouTube videos to try to learn this technique! Get your color from a trained and experienced color master.

Only the best coloring products are used at Nina’s to give your hair the most beautiful and healthy finish. We take pride in ensuring a unique, pleasant and personal experience for each of our guests. Every color service begins with a complementary consultation and blowout.

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Single Process Hair Color $65 & Up
Double Process Hair Color $105 & Up
Highlight / Lowlight Hair Color $85 & Up